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Open plan living as it was meant to be. A huge rear extension with the removal of an internal wall opened up the downstairs living area to a colossal space.

Another architectural stroke of genius was using the cranked steels to enable the extension to have a large vaulted ceiling adding to an even greater feeling of space. Add to that two large skylights and the use of clever lighting around them give this already large space a gigantic feel.

With a modern bespoke kitchen, tiling through the ground floor and the gabled aluminium bi-folding doors and windows on the rear this has been our favourite finished product to date. Encompassing great architecture and clever interior design it made a modern style feel comfortable and homely for a growing family and showcased to us how a bit of imagination and hard work can completely transform not only a home but a way of life. In this hectic modern life, this extension gave the family enough space to be able to bring the family together

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